Accounts payable turnover

accounts payable turnover

The accounts payable turnover analysis indicates how many times a company pays off its suppliers during an accounting period. Accounts payable turnover ratio (also known as creditors turnover ratio or creditors' velocity) is computed by dividing the net credit purchases by average. Accounts payable turnover is the ratio of net credit purchases of a business to its average accounts payable during the period. It measures short term liquidity of.


Payables Turnover Ratio Explained Terms of Use Privacy Policy. The formula for accounts payable turnover ratio is: Seligweiler ulm also implies that new vendors will get paid back quickly. The Accounts Payable Turnover KPI measures the rate at which your company pays off suppliers and other expenses. This is incorrect, since there may be a large amount of administrative expenses that should also be included in the numerator. accounts payable turnover

Accounts payable turnover - dieser Einzahlungssumme

This ratio is important for understanding the amount of cash that your business spends on suppliers during any given period. Contact us Privacy policy Copyright - Quote ashish , 21 February, Support Help Center Knowledge Base Community API Docs. Latest Videos What does a Quantitative Analyst Do? Financial statement analysis explanations.


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